Changes to COVID mask restrictions came into operation at 11.59pm Friday evening.  At this stage I have not received any official communication from the City of Greater Geelong and we are obliged to wait for their directive.

At the Committee of Management meeting last Wednesday it was decided that when we receive confirmation from the CoGG, U3A Geelong will lift the mask mandate for our classes.  The Committee would highly recommend the wearing of masks indoors but it is personal decision.

So, this means that until further notice masks will be required to be worn indoors at Cobbin Farm.  I rang the Council on Friday and they believe decisions will be made on Monday and emails sent out to us.  I will send another Bulletin when this comes through.

I have received an email from the Grovedale Neighbourhood Centre and the Vines Road Community CentreFrom Monday members of our classes will not be required to wear masks unless people choose to do so.

I have not had any communication from any of the other venues we use so please understand that you will be required to wear masks until we receive confirmation from them.

At this stage all other COVID requirements will remain in place – QR codes, door marshals, social distancing and sanitizing.




*Thank you* To those of you who have emailed, or attended in person  to provide  your Proof of Double Vaccination


In relation to enrolments for this year, that process has been underway for some time now.


Please remember the acceptance criteria is that we have a record of Proof of Vaccination and your time of enrolment - members can only be selected in the order they have enrolled IF they have provided vaccination staus

Some  classe haven't been processed as we are waiting for information from Tutors

If you have requested enrolment into a class but haven't received the email that is automatically generated it could be for a couple of reasons.

  1. We do not have a record of your Proof of Vaccination.
  2. The class is full.

If you want to check if we have received your Proof of Vaccination, please check via the office email - mail@u3ageelong.org.au

The Office is currently closed and will reopen from next Monday when it
will open between 10 - 12 for proof of Vaccinations only.


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